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Ruby is born

Ruby Rouge was born out of necessity! Niamh, the owner and founder, a curvy size 16 wanted to bring boutique shopping to all body shapes and sizes!

After a very frustrating search for an amazing wedding outfit for a family event, she felt that boutiques were focused on the 8-12 market specialising only in French and Italian brands that really dont always fit the Irish silhouette!  

Having grown up running around her mother's drapery store and tagging along on buying trips Niamh truly had the fashion bug! 

After seeing the joy and confidence that choosing just the right outfit can bring customers, Niamh was spellbound.

bricks & clicks

Loving interiors, fashion and everything lifestyle related, Marketing graduate Niamh decided to quit the office and follow her passion!

Already an established market town, Gorey in the Sunny Southeast of Ireland seemed the ideal location to launch her first store. After an exhaustive search for the 'Just right' premises, Ruby Rouge was unveiled to the Wexford Fashionistas.

For seventeen years Ruby Rouge built a massive following for its boutique and online store and fast became renowned as one of Ireland's top destination boutiques and customers travelled in their droves to check out the unique brand offerings and personal styling experience.

Specialising in good size options Ruby Rouge has always used real customers as their models and shown their clothes on all body shapes & sizes.

the online revolution

After operating solely online during COVID Niamh decided to move the business completely online to enable Ruby Rouge to embrace the changes and continue to grow our product offering and reach even more customers worldwide.

Since then the team has expanded, our Ruby family has grown and we happily while away our working weeks creating fun and engaging content while wrapping up beautiful parcels for our amazing customer
base both nationally and internationally! 

Every day is exciting and new! Every season rings the trend changes. We are so excited that you are joining us on our fashion journey forward!

Meet the team

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