The BRIT's best and worst dressed xox

Happy Friday dolly's. It's been a wonderfully stylish week in the world of showbiz this week, what with the BAFTA's and the Brit awards, we've been busy busy busy keeping up with all the hits and misses fashion wise. The Dollhouse was also all a bustle this week, with midterm break and the fact that we've almost left this dreary icky February behind us. So although it was a few days ago, it's only today that we're actually getting around to hitting and missing all the style from 2014 Brit awards. Let us know if you agree or disagree with our verdicts. And of course now that we all have that Friday feeling, what could possibly make it better ? I'll tell you what, KATE FRIDAY !!! that's right dolly's our resident blonde bombshell will be popping by tonight to treat you to some Friday night delights. Until then my dears here is the Doll's analysis on all the style the Brits brought us this week. Happy weekend xox 


 Vivienne Westwood dresses have proven to be a very popular choice as of late, and don't get us wrong we're big fans of Westwood and although we love Ellie Gouldings Westwood corset top here, we just don’t know what went wrong from the waist down. Much too much froth to get our heads around. We adored the Minogues, and who wouldn't. I mean it's to for the price of one. Ultra formidable, amazingly glossy, making dainty and feisty cocktail dresses. We think Kylie just slighting nudges into first place in her William Wilde latex bow dress. How is it she can even make latex look wearable.  





Pixie looks absolutely stunning in this unique 90s style DKNY dress, teamed with metallic pumps she looked flawless. We’re on the bench a little with the handbag, Ruby would have matched with a metallic clutch, so we’ll just pretend we don’t see it. And of course we simply adore the Whitmore, and she never fails to impress. Her red metallic ensemble was definitely a show stopper and we bet it turned a few heads. But then of course Laura can rock any look, we think if this particular dress were on the wrong model it'd be more of a tribute to all the discarded quality street wrappers out there. Just goes to prove how amazing things are on the right person, even if we might Shriek at the sight of it.




Beyonce wore Vrettos Vrettakos couture to perform at the BRIT Awards 2014. As always, you can depend on Beyonce to steal the show any given night. For the sultry performance of her latest song XO, Beyonce opted for a figure hugging emerald green glittering dress that just shimmered beneath the spotlights. Pictured flying out later her fabulous green ensemble was brought down to earth with her hightops, restoring faith in women every where. Yes girls you've seen right, even Beyonce throws on her flats at the end of the night. 

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                                                                                                              Stay Stylish dolls xox