Show us your stripes

There’s always an over load of trends on view at this time of year, what with the passing fashion weeks
and the commence of spring sunshine, us slaves to fashion emerge from beneath our layers,
scarves and general clothing cover ups optimistically embracing the up coming trends.
If you’re keeping up to date with our trend reporting here from the dollhouse, you’ll already know that prints,
lace,Neon and yellows are all will all keep you on the path to chic this season.
 But as always we have a new one for you this Monday, this is the trend that landed on nearly every
runway over fashion week. Can you guess? What is it I hear you say?
STRIPES !!!!!!
Tons and tons of stripes. Every colour of the rainbow and every type you could possibly imagine.
Candy stripes, uneven stripes, bold stripes, skinny stripes, head-to-toe stripes. It just goes on and on.
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Stay Stylish Doll's xox