Ruby Loves - Forever Unique

Excitement races through the dollhouse with every new delivery, however there is always a couple which are anticipated beyond any other. We count the days, peer out the window and eagerly wait to see what new dollhouse delights are to behold. We race to the rails seeking out the first peep, hoping to find that ideal piece for the next night out. Trying on, twirling, what shoes will match? And oh that clutch will go perfect. Then of course once the sheer delight has tamed a little, when we no longer feel the urge to stroke the different fabrics and oogle aimlessly at the prints and patterns for hours upon end, we take a deep breath, generally two or three because we’re an excitable bunch, exhale and share all our new delight with Doll’s near and far.
Today we have a Dollhouse favourite to dazzle and delight. This seasons first few fabulous frocks from  Forever Unique have just arrived, and oh boy are you in for a treat. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this particular brand you soon will be. Forever Unique is a luxury fashion brand, specializing in ladies occasion wear. It’s been about five years, becoming a major player in the global fashion world.  “Strong brand identity and consistent in-house design ensure Forever Unique is the ‘go to’ you can rely on for a special event. With a unique take on the trends of the moment, stand out silhouettes, body perfecting construction and premium embellishment offer everything needed to maximize your look for when it matters most.”
Forever Unique are renowned for their constant emphasis on modern, glamorous style. Incorporating beautiful detailing with original designs as well as luxurious fabrics, they ensure every and anyone who chooses one of their designs will be flawless and fell fabulous. That Forever Unique girl is the one with a flamboyant and adventurous style, someone who likes to make a statement. Drawing inspiration from catwalks worldwide, Forever Unique's collections promise to make the fashion conscious dame simply gorgeous.
And here’s some stunning new Forever Unique arrivals to the doll house to tickle your taste buds ………….
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