Racing fever xox

Happy Friday Dolly's. That Friday feeling is slowly spreading through the Dollhouse as the weekend swiftly approaches. So as always on a Friday afternoon, the doll's start to drift off and day dream as to what the weekend holds. What possibilities could it bring our way, but most importantly we must start to make plans. And what's a better day out than a delightful dolled up day at the races. So we thought today we’d
fill you in on all things Ladies day related for all the up and coming racing outings about the country. The Dollhouse will have you covered, dressed to perfection, dolled up, decked out and daring to strive for the big fashion win whichever event you choose to attend. Now of course the races are all about the horses and betting for some people, but for the fairer among them they’re about big hats, fine fillies and an excuse don your finest attire and have a darn good time.


Ruby regular Kate (Kate Friday) and her Mum before going to the races, Ruby Doll’s Edel and Sarah at the races and Edel outside the dollhouse before attending the races.


Two things to keep in mind when planning your ladies day outfit are creativity and comfort. Looking flawless and fashionable doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Try putting a new unique twist to your outfit with come statement or homemade accessories. We’re talking hats, bows, gloves, umbrellas, necklaces, fascinators, wraps the possibilities are endless. The style is generally judged on how an outfit is put together and carried, not its price tag. Practicality also needs to be considered, such as a Coat and boots for a winter meeting, incorporate and umbrella into your outfit because it is Ireland after all, or use is as a stylish sun protector in the summer months. Why not give an old dress a new lease of life with the addition of quirky tweaks, maybe an alteration, add or take away some embellishment, don’t be afraid to experiment. Try looking at fashion items in a new way. Would your scarf double as a belt? Could that necklace be worn as a bracelet? The sky’s your limit if you befriend your accessories. My number one tip is one every lady probably knows, but don’t always adhere to. COMFORT !!!  Make sure to pack the flats, bring those plasters and of course the gel pads to avoid situations with your twinkle toes.  


Here's some of Ruby's Race attire ideas xox
If it's that stand out from the crowd hat you need the Dollhouse can see to your every need. 

We've got a wonderful whimsical range of hats and headpieces available for hire or purchase, which ever tickles you’re fancy. Our ultra-glamorous head-ware comes from designers such as  Alice Kelly, Jennifer Wynne, Fiona Mangan, Mes Petits Chapeaux, Bow Beth and Princess Palles but to name a few. Special occasions just scream out for that dream headpiece or Hat, stand out of the crowd and make that statement. We're just certain that you’ll find the perfect head attire you are looking for in the Dollhouse. This is one extravagance you can afford with rates of hire only €35.




Or maybe it's a statement dress you need for your next race day meeting. The Dollhouse is a renowned destination for fashionistas, a Pandora's box for exclusive labels, adding a little piece of individuality to dolly's wardrobes across the land. After all dolly's, we all know that the perfect outfit will see us strut rather than walk, smile our brightest smile and exude every possible ounce of confidence. And of course we'll deck your feet out to. Put your most stylish pedicured foot forward with some dollhouse footwear delights. We guarantee to fulfill any foot fetish you may have with a variety of shoes and boots available for any and every look.  Ensure your look is completed from head to your twinkle toes. 

We have you covered for your every race day desire xox


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Stay Stylish Doll's xox