Paddy's day xox

So another Saint Patrick’s Day is behind us. We’ve stumbled through it yet again and we begin to count the days for the next one. For me I always thought Paddy’s day was the beginning of summer, I’d count the days until I had the first 99 of the year every March 17th, complete with the works. Of course the syrup was always green to match the occasion and I always wished we could skip the entire tractor procession part of the parade and head right to the Little Shop for that all important ice cream. I’d cherish that cone, meticulously lapping in up in a continuous swirling motion. There’s a lot to be said for how one eats their ice cream after all. I was always last to finish, trying to keep it going until we got home, purely so I could enjoy the last bite knowing everyone was looking on wishing they had cherished theirs as much as I did. 
We dolled up in green, dyed hair, painted faces and anything emerald in colour, we had it on. I’m almost certain I saw green mascara for sale somewhere this year. We thought of loved ones further afield as they sent us pictures from all around the world. After the parade we settle into the annual viewing of Darby O’Gill and the Little People, which if I’m perfectly honest terrified me to my very soul, and still kind of does. But of course the best part of Paddy’s day by far had to of been ….. Being aloud cheat on lent, no sweets they say, oh but yes because it’s St. Patricks day.
 Everyone has their tradition regardless of where you come from or who you are, if it’s just a mere little after thought about the day your still a part of it. Even Kate Middleton and Prince William ceremonially donned the shamrock as they took part in their annual St. Patrick's Day tradition of visiting the Irish Guards in Aldershot. This was the third time the Duchess of Cambridge had taken part in the festivities, but she switched it up this year by ditching her usual green Emilia Wickstead coat, she has worn it for the previous two years in a row, for a Saint Patricks worthy Hobbs coat and matching Gina Foster hat. She remained true to her princess role accessorizing with a Cartier shamrock brooch, first worn by Queen Alexandra, consort of King Edward VII. The pair pinned shamrocks on each guard, not forgetting of course their Irish wolfhound mascot, Domhnall, who also got a little pat on the head from Kate.
With each passing year the little Island we’re part of is spreading its wings, embraced worldwide. It seems that the world well and truly went green for St. Patrick’s Day again this year. The Egyptian pyramids, the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Petra and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland Paris are three of the newest landmarks to jump on the bandwagon. While old favourites include Pyramids in Egypt, the ‘Welcome’ sign in Las Vegas (below), the Sydney Opera House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the London Eye, Table Mountain in South Africa (above), Niagara Falls, the Empire State Building in New York and the Prince’s Palace in Monaco. It’s such a surreal feeling to be part of such a little place yet celebrated worldwide on this wonderful day.
  Why not sprinkle your wardrobe with a little green over your wardrobe in honour of this festive fun fill day. Here's a few green dollhouse ensembles for some outfit inspiration. With 32 shade we're sure you'll find something, be it emerald,mint, pine, or shamrock.

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