Monochrome & BAFTA's, hot and not so hot <3

Trend alert !!!!
Now I'm very aware that everyone thinks black is the go to colour with fashion, and being honest I'm currently wearing all black myself, but this spring summer season the only way to wear your favorite black attire is by framing, teaming, contrasting and clashing it with simple,crisp and equally stylish White. Monochrome is one of the simplest trends to pull off because regardless your size, hair colour or age, black and white always just works together. A dynamic duo so to speak. The obvious thing that springs to mind when we think monochrome is the classic black suit white shirt combo, but this dolly's is a mere memory, an after thought to fall back upon. Just look in any high street store and you'll see it as this spring summer staple. And of course the celebs are all in agreement with this timeless classic trend.




BAFTA'S  love xox

Gowns, glorious, fabulous, elegant gowns. All the Doll's at Ruby headquarters have been closely analysing the best and worst of this years BAFTA's, and here's what we think, along with a few Ruby takes on the recurring trends/

One BAFTA 2014 trend we adored here in the dollhouse was the Androgynous look. Angelia Jolie pulled this off flawlessly and in full force, beautifully complimented by her equally stylish arm candy. How good does Angelina look in her un-done Saint Laurent tux?  This look just screams strong, independent and powerful and we just love it. A slightly calmer androgyny approach was seen on Amy Adams, that structured high collar look can be deemed very masculine, but is pulled off effortlessly by Amy. The high collar clearly a continued dominating trend this spring summer. As always many will try, but some will fail our BAFTA androgyny failure this year is sadly Ruth Wilson. I think her outfit resembles something like  what Dorothy from the wizard of oz may have attempted with this look  Have a look below at Ruby's take on a very wearable androgyny look, as well  as the high collar trend we're all adoring this spring summer. 






Our Leah Jumpsuits have that very structured slightly masculine cut, a perfect way to ease yourself into this trend without being overly daring. All in all a very safe method in approaching the androgyny look. Our Andrea dress incorporates the high collar as well as the monochrome trend in a very dainty and wearable manner.


BAFTA'S not so much love xox

So we're all aware at this stage that neon is big big big for Spring Summer 2014, so much so that we could tend to get a little excited with the idea of embracing all things bold and bright. Our BAFTAexample of this is non other than Lilly Allen. Now don't get us wrong we simply adore her idea in theory, the whole princess plucked straight from a fairy tale type dress is very appealing indeed. The fuchsia pink and bright orange however, complete no no, and the contrast between the punk front and fairy tale back, relax Lilly and just choose one style and stick with it. We think our Dollhouse take on the neon trend is much more wearable and focused, and doesn't come off as looking tacky like Ms. Allens attire.





And of course with any elaborate awards ceremony, there's always that one outfit which we just stop, stare and drop our jaws. Here we have it dolly's our Ruby's BAFTA's best dressed, and not so best dressed...............Lupita Nyong’o was glowing in a jade green Dior Couture and accompanied by matching Louboutins. Her ultra glamorous outfit say her simultaneously avail of taking both the best dressed crown and answering the question as to whether Jennifer Lawrence (Dior’s no. 1 girl) would be in attendance. And as with every best dressed comes a less desirable outfit, just to be polite about it. This year we think Caridad Rivera (wife of actor Matthew Modine) may not of realise it was the BAFTA's she was attending. However we bet she was the comfiest attendee with those runners, we can't fault choosing function over fashion, sometimes. 




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Stay Stylish dolls xox