A wonderful time to splurge xoxox

Happy February Dolly's, and of course happy Spring time. We can almost taste the sunshine, now if only we could actually get some !!! Well here in the Dollhouse Spring time always comes early and this year is no exception. We're delighted with all our bold and vibrant colours and prints which have been arriving the past week, and of course eagerly awaiting what new mystical little Ruby treasures due in the coming weeks. And of course Dolly's we couldn't wait to share some of the treats which are being whisked our way by the end of this week, but please contain your excitement even if we can't ourselves. There's never been a better time to splurge ...........




                                                 (Links to dresses will be available by simply clicking on the picture once they go on sale)      


While we're awaiting these fabulous arrivals here's some more flawless spring/summer arrivals which are sure to whet your appetite, happy shopping little dolly's




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