Lennon Courtney

28. March 2014



Feast your eyes on these super chic new arrivals from our designer crush Lennon Courtney. 

Lennon Courtney is such an accessible brand. Designed for women who adore and understand fashion but don't want the confinements that come with it.  They are known for constantly celebrating femininity with a contemporary spin.It's a collection of core wardrobe essentials composed of clean design, exquisite tailoring, wearability and luxurious comfort. Providing reliable staple wardrobe delights to ensure anyone choosing to don their fabulous attire will always look and feel their best. 





                                                                                Celebs adore it just as much as we do ....

With a vast Irish celebrity following, it seems everyone adores the elegant tailoring of this ever impressing brand.
Laura Whitmore, pictured just below, purchased the beautiful Lennon Courtney piece from us earlier this year.
Also, Irish sweetheart Amy Huberman was dressed head to toe by the dynamic duo for the premier of her latest movie 'The Stag'.
Celebrity chef Rachel Allen deemed the brand Buckingham Palace worthy early this week,
while Dolores O'Riordan  was rarely seen out of the tux style blazer while filming the Voice of Ireland. 



See for yourself........


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